Event #2

The other morning I had my second race of my three week schedule; I did an olympic distance triathlon at Parlee Beach, New Brunswick. The olympic distance is 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run. It went pretty well, I finished twelfth overall and had a lot of fun. The swim was terrible, came out of the water twentieth and nearly ten minutes slower than I was expecting. I couldn’t get into a good rhythm with the swim and kept getting distracted by things like trying to pee while swimming etc… I was pleased with my bike however because I actually passed a few people and finished on the bike in 18th. In my run I passed another six people and finished in twelfth with an overall time of 2:32.58.


This Saturday I’ve got a sprint triathlon in Sackville NB. The sprint is gonna be a blast and seem so quick because its completely half the distance of the olympic. Gonna push myself really hard because It’s potentially my last triathlon for a while.


After this Saturday, my next goal is to train for a full marathon by the end of October. Ten weeks to get into marathon shape, very interesting.


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